Red Lake County SURNAMES

Below is a list of Red Lake County-related surnames and the e-mail address or home page URL for those who have information that they are willing to share with others. If you have a surname you would like to have listed please send an e-mail to Place "Red Lake County Surnames" in the subject line. If you change your email address please notify me. Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: Because e-mail addresses from this page have been harvested by robots, many of the "hot links" have been removed. To contact a researcher highlight the e-mail address, then copy and paste it into a new message.

ASSELIN   Kathy Moore (  
BAK   (  
BARSNESS  Jeen M Ruff (  
BERGERON   Sandra Tousignant Gatney (  
BRADY   Jim Moran (  
BREGIER   Jim Moran (  
GUSTAFSON   Kathy Zimpel (  
HENRY   Kathy Moore (  
HINCE   Kathy Moore (  
HOOLE   (  
KINDSETH   ( Karen Chilton Beverly  
KUEHN   ( Bob Kuehn  
KUOPPALA   ( Sue Pocquette  
LACHANCE   ( Glenn Parenteau
LAMBERT   ( Sandra Tousignant Gatney
LAURENT   ( Bob Quesnel  
MARCHILDION   Jim Moran (  
MORAN   Jim Moran (  
PARADIS   ( Glenn Parenteau
PARENTEAU   ( Glenn Parenteau
PERRY   (  
PLANTE  Jeen M Ruff (  
PLUMMER   ( Pam Kantola
PORTER   ( Glenn Parenteau
QUESNEL   ( Bob Quesnel  
RIEL   Kathy Moore (  
ROBBECKE   Lynn Brandvold    My Genealogy Pages
SWANSON   Kathy Zimpel (  
ST. MARS  ( Shirley Ford  
SHORT   Kathy Moore (  
SWANBY   (  
WALKER   Kathy Moore (
WESTERLUND   Kathy Zimpel (  
ZIMPEL   Kathy Zimpel (  

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Updated: 5 May 2016