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Tom & Donna Bombaci
HAYTON, Joe, lived in Red Lake County early this century; worked on logging crews. Born in Canada (?); later moved to NM. Any info appreciated.
Tom Bombaci, Jr. Grants, NM

Al Riel Fri Feb 28 21:04:41 1997
I live in Concord,Ca now but there are many Red lake Co. people living in California and many in the bay area; when they find out that you have a home page I am sure you will be hearing from them too. I will be checking out this page from time to time. Still have relatives in Oklee . Good luck and hope some one takes over this page soon. - Al in CA

NORM McINTOSH Sun Mar 2 01:16:41 1997
Norman A Mc Intosh born crookston minn aug 1886 to George and Ellan Jane Mc Intosh Lived in the Red lake Polk and Pennington areas. Mother was a school teacher father steamship captain.

Judy Vezzetti Tue Jun 17 08:04:59 1997
Families of Ferdinand ROSE, including children William, Ferdinand, Marie Asp, and related family of Dominick McCo(u)llough. Ferdinand Sr, moved to Orondo, WA died 1926. William moved to Sabin, MN; died 1922. Interested to know how long Charles and Mary Asp remained in Red Lake co. Did Minnie and Dominick McCullough and 8 children remain in Red Lake Co? Charles b, 1870; Mary b. 1873. Are they buried in Red Lake Co?

Jim Moran Thu Jun 19 21:19:38 1997
I am James J. Moran, son of Alvin J. "kelly" Moran and Cecilia M. Bregier formally of Red Lake Falls, Minnesota, both of my parents have past away. My mother's family names are; Marchildon, Tessier, Payment, Binette and on her father's side Bregier and Maurolier. At least one of my grandmother's descendants had native American blood in their veins, I would like to know what tribe we descended from. My great grandfather is also of great interest; Eugene Bregier was an inventor of note and he was a religious brother that worked as a teacher in northern Minnesota in the last part of his life, I know little of his life. My father's family names are; Brady, Haggeret, Bennett, Fay and on his father's side only Moran. Edward Jr. left home at the age of twelve, and return but once in about 1910 for short visited, bringing only my father with him. Therefor I would Like to know about his father Edward Sr. Moran of Park Rapids, Minnesota and the Moran's of Hubbard County. I now live in Australia. G'Day from down under, Jim Moran & Family. This query is for both Hubbard County and Red Lake County.

JON LA BREE Sat 08:09 PM 7/12/97
I am looking for information on a family named "Labrie" or possibly spelled "Labree". I know some of them lived in Red Lake Falls around 1890 or later. I have one record, A copy of a deed for some property in the name of Eugene Labrie.

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